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AVINSoft WebCam Releases Code to Public With v2.0.8980

Sunday, September 14th, 2003 [2:02AM EDT]

AVINSoft WebCam is an image capturing utility that uses advanced image processing to enhance web cam images and upload them to a FTP server. Although in production for over a month, AVINSoft WebCam has recently moved to SourceForge.Net releasing all code and packages to the public, including this latest release of version 2.0.8980.

This final release of the version 2.0 line of AVINSoft WebCam enhances many features from version 1.0: Gamma, Brightness and Contrast image control, auto-balancing, auto-focus, edge-detection, image sharpening, image softening, blur features, pixelization effects, relief map effects, melting effects, fading effects, bathroom effects and grayscale options. A few bugs found by private testers were also located and patched.

AVINSoft WebCam is well on its way to becoming one of the most advanced web cam services on the internet. By making it free to the public with a GPL license, users will have more opportunity to enhance their web experience.

Please visit the many forums, mailing lists, and information areas for more information on this project and its plans. This information is centrally located at


New Site Available

Saturday, September 13th, 2003 [7:22PM EDT]

The website for AVIN Software WebCam has been officially released.  It can be found at

Please refer to this site for support, bug reporting and other questions.  This site will also contain the source for the project under the General Public License (GPL) agreement.

Please visit for more news information.

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